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AI Sustainability

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AI and sustainability are intertwined, compelling businesses to consider AI's role in optimizing resource allocation, reducing environmental impact, and driving sustainable practices to stay competitive, failing which can result in missed opportunities for efficiency gains, heightened environmental degradation, and potential regulatory penalties. We explore this in our suite of reports and articles where you can read the latest insights on this from the experts.

Market Intelligence Reports

2024 Tranformational Trends

What does the digital landscape look like in 2024 and beyond? We explore the trends shaping business and the the role of sustainable AI practices as well as implementing sustainable AI.

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AI Sustainability Report: Two Sides of a Coin

Given the enormous strides made in AI applications in the last few years and given its substantial energy consumption and environmental impact, it’s now time to ask how we can sustain AI’s growth without demolishing resource sustainability.

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AI Sustainability Articles

The Biggest AI Sustainability Play of Them All: Fusion

Harnessing innovation, science, and technology to mitigate the effects of global warming and to usher in an era of clean energy.

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Transformational Trends

What does the digital landscape look like in 2024 and beyond? We explore the trends making an impact - including the latest developments in sustainable AI.

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The impact of smart tech

Explore the insights from Applied Intelligence Live! on AI sustainability in the tech hub of the USA.

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The AI Summit London 2023

Our analysts review the key takeaways from the 2023 AI Summit in London and the hot topics to watch out for.

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Sustainability and Business

From the growth in corporate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) programs to investors looking at not just a company’s bottom line but also its environmental policies.

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