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Ethical & Responsible AI

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Ethical and responsible AI is crucial for businesses to uphold as it ensures fairness, transparency, and trust in their technology, safeguarding against potential legal repercussions, damaged reputation, and loss of consumer confidence if not prioritized.

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Top 10 Digital Tranformational Trends 2024

What does the digital landscape look like in 2024 and beyond? We explore the trends shaping business and the impact of ethical and responsible AI in business.

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Advancing gender equality in data, analytics and AI

As importance grows around diversity and inclusion in the workplace, we explore the presence and eminence of women in the field of AI.

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Ethical & Responsible AI Articles

Shaping the Future: A Journey Through the History and Future of Women in Technology

The narrative of women in technology is one of resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence.

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Black History Month

Celebrating the leaders in tech who shaped the digital landscape into what it is today.

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Transformational Trends

What does the digital landscape look like in 2024 and beyond? We explore the trends making an impact - including the latest developments in GenAI.

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Gender Equality in AI

Explore how businesses can accelerate the progress of gender equity in data, analytics, and AI in this deep dive article. 

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Creating a Robust Digital Identity 

With this rapid acceleration, businesses must have a solid foundation in place to adopt and implement this technology positively and responsibly.

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Ethical considerations in AI

OpenAI, the company that gave the world ChatGPT, made a low-key announcement that it had released GPT-4. 

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AI Summit London 2023

Our analysts review the key takeaways from the 2023 AI Summit in London and the hot topics to watch out for.

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Advancing Equality in Tech

This article explores how businesses can drive forward inclusivity and diversity through allyship, and what this looks like at Informa Tech.

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Closing the Gender Gap

What does it mean to create a gender-equal world and workplace that is free of bias, stereotypes, and discrimination?

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Responsible AI Framework

Whilst technology has not taken over the world yet, it is certainly having more of an impact in our everyday lives than ever before.

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Ethical AI: The Key to a Secure Future

Leaders are increasingly beginning to appreciate the benefits of AI and recognize that adoption is essential to stay competitive.

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