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06 Nov 2023

The impact and role of AI on the working landscape

Mariano Allegra, Senior Vice President – Head of Strategy LH USA, Lawrence Harvey
The impact and role of AI on the working landscape
AI has the potential to significantly transform the nature of work in various ways, and its impact can be both positive and negative.

While AI has the potential to improve productivity and create new opportunities, it also poses challenges that need to be addressed in a thoughtful and inclusive manner. Workers, employers, policymakers, and AI developers must work together to ensure that the benefits of AI are shared equitably, and that the workforce is prepared for the changing landscape of work.

Informa Tech’s Applied Intelligence Group discussed this topic with Mariano Allegra, Senior Vice President – Head of Strategy LH USA, Lawrence Harvey, who will be taking part in a panel discussion at The AI Summit New York that will focus on, ‘Strategies to recruit and retain a balanced team of AI talent’. Mariano has worked in data recruitment and now leads the USA brand of 80 recruiters focused on all tech areas and has seen the industry evolve into what it is today.

What do you think is or has been the biggest impact AI has had on work, workforce and talent and jobs?

I think we’re currently in an AI state of “potential energy”. I think the impact of AI on work and the workforce will be massive once it finds ways to be easily adopted into current workflows, but we have a bit of a way to go before AI is mainly “kinetic energy” and impacting people’s everyday lives.

AI currently has changed the way we create content and have most answers at our fingertips. The part to be the most aware of  is that those answers aren’t always correct.  

What are the roles that will be in more demand than before due to AI? What jobs will potentially feel a less positive impact as a result of AI?

People who are willing to learn vs people who are not willing to learn AI and how it can support their roles and work will be the ones who will feel the impact the most. People who pickup learning new tools and implement them should be fine across most white-collar work, they will probably even be more impactful!

What do you think the AI and job market will look like in 12 months, and what do you think will be the big changes we will see?

Currently, the only people doing cutting edge work in the AI space are the top college labs, startups, and the FAANG organizations. For the most part, if enterprise companies are looking to utilize AI, they can use any of the start-ups or FAANGs for their tools or start internally with very basic use cases such as chatbots, customer service, and help gather research for a multitude of uses. I do not think this will lead to huge layoffs within 12 months.

Do you have any lessons learned or key insights you could share about your AI journey and experience to date?

AI is a tool to help guide you to the answers you seek, AI alone is not the answer. Overall, the impact of AI on work and jobs is multifaceted, and its outcomes will depend on how society and organizations navigate these changes.

If you want to find out more about Mariano’s panel discussion on this topic or gather learnings on strategies around AI talent recruitment and retention, then join us at The AI Summit New York, December 6-7. Secure your place now.

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