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22 Feb 2024

2024 MarTech Salary Survey: Navigate Trends, Compensation and Challenges

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2024 MarTech Salary Survey: Navigate Trends, Compensation and Challenges
This blog post will review, roundup, and summarize some of the latest trends for Marketing Technology salaries and roles to help you get a clear view of the landscape.

Navigating the MarTech Landscape in 2024

Recent changes in the marketing technology sector that have been deemed more profound than the preceding 50 years, have not only reshaped the marketing sector but have also left an indelible mark on society at large. The global onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 no doubt played a role in the changing dynamic and nature of the industry as a whole, with hybrid or virtual operations now becoming the new norm.

Informa Tech’s Applied Intelligence Group launched a survey to global tech marketing professionals in order to explore the impact that these changes have had on the availability of roles, promotions, salary changes and more. Here are some the key areas explored in the survey:

Adapting to Industry Shifts and Realities:

With the pandemic ushering in a new era of uncertainty, marketers were compelled to recalibrate their strategies. Virtual and hybrid engagement models were front and centre, setting the stage for further exploration of the metaverse as a means to connect with consumers. While big tech companies grapple with investment decisions, the buzz surrounding the metaverse and the decreasing prices of related technologies like VR headsets hint at the potential for a resurgence in investor interest, contingent upon consumer curiosity.

The Strategic Importance of Emerging Technologies and Skills:

With online shopping emerging as the safest option in 2020, social media assumed a pivotal role in the daily lives of marketing professionals. A survey found that 7% of respondents identified social media marketing as their primary role. These professionals found themselves at the forefront of industry shifts, from the meteoric rise of TikTok, now reaching 53% of the US population, to the shifting ownership dynamics of X/Twitter. The influence of social media extends further, with nearly a quarter of Americans making purchases based on influencer recommendations last year, indicating the growing significance of influencer marketing.

Factors Influencing Salary Fluctuations in the Market

As we step into a new year, the trajectory of transformation within the marketing landscape shows no signs of abating. Companies and consumers alike are redefining their expectations for interactions with brands and institutions. Automation and artificial intelligence applications are gaining traction, unlocking new business opportunities and reshaping customer expectations. This evolution prompts a critical examination of the marketing professionals who navigate these changes in real-time, implementing them into their roles to decipher the impact on the world around us.

Snapshot of Marketing Professionals:

The 2024 Global Marketers Salary Survey report provides a snapshot of the individuals at the forefront of this dynamic industry – the marketing professionals. It delves into who they are, the intricacies of their roles, the shifts in their compensation and expectations, and their perspectives on the potential developments within the industry.

1. Who Are These Professionals?

The evolving landscape has given rise to a breed of marketing professionals adept at interpreting and implementing real-time changes. These individuals are the architects of marketing strategies that transcend the traditional, adapting to the fluid nature of the industry.

2. The Dynamics of Roles:

With 7% of surveyed professionals identifying social media marketing as their primary role, it is evident that these individuals play a crucial part in shaping brand narratives in the digital age. The emergence of platforms like TikTok and the shifting ownership of social media giants further highlights the dynamic nature of their responsibilities.

3. Compensation and Expectations:

As the industry undergoes transformation, so do the compensation structures and expectations of marketing professionals. The report delves into how these factors are shifting, reflecting the changing demands and complexities of the role.

4. Navigating Change:

Marketing professionals are not merely passive observers of change; they are active participants, steering their organizations through uncharted territories. The report sheds light on the strategies employed by these professionals to navigate the evolving landscape successfully.

5. Identifying Potential in the Industry:

Amidst the flux, marketing professionals are keenly attuned to the potential opportunities that lie ahead. The report explores their perspectives on the most promising areas within the industry, providing valuable insights for businesses and professionals alike.

FAQ: Understanding MarTech Salary Dynamics

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As we traverse the ever-evolving landscape of marketing technology, the role of professionals in shaping the trajectory of the industry becomes increasingly apparent. This report offers a comprehensive view of the individuals navigating these changes, their roles, compensation dynamics, and expectations, and answers those burning questions. As the marketing sector continues to redefine itself, understanding the professionals at its core becomes imperative for decoding the transformative shifts that ripple through the broader fabric of society.

Download the full report here


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