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IoT Research Reports

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Our team of global analysts and consultants help businesses connect the dots across a complex and fast paced technology ecosystem. With a deep knowledge and expertise of all aspects of artificial intelligence, the team support our partners in understanding all aspects of the business cycle.

Market Intelligence Reports

A Stae of Flux

Navigating the Marketing Technology Landscape: A Deep Dive into Salary Trends for Marketing Technology Professionals.

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Top 10 Digital  Transformational Trends 

Explore analyst and expert insights into the top tech trends impacting businesses in 2024. Download the full report now.

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Tracking the Latest Hardware Trends

This eBook provides forecasts and all the latest developments in the IoT, AI, and Quantum Computing hardware markets.

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The IoT in Transportation Yearbook

What the News Headlines Mean for Connected, Autonomous Vehicles in 2024 & Beyond.

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How IoT Is Transforming Transportation

The business of transportation has gone through many evolutions over the past couple of centuries, but the use of IoT solutions - from safety to environmental advantages and operational efficiencies - looks set to deliver its greatest revolution to date.

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Security: The Hidden Risks of Connected Devices

Digital connectivity has helped many companies cope with the profound disruption from the pandemic, but amid the benefits of connectivity, businesses also face a variety of security threats. Find out more.

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Digital Twins Set for Widescale Use in 2023

From smart cities to health care, industries are turning to digital twin technology to streamline operations, curb emissions, and enhance sustainability.

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Drones Get Practical for Business

This report explores the commercial drone market as it is poised for exponential growth.

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(IoMT) at the Heart of Digital Healthcare

How technology is accelerating the path to digital transformation in healthcare and creating new perspectives. Find out more.

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The Rise of the Autonomous Vehicle

The autonomous vehicle industry is exploding and there are no signs of it slowing down anytime soon.

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Unlocking Value with IoT & AI

Learn how to break down silos and bring together different skill sets to unlock the full potential of IoT and AI.

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How IoT is Transforming Health Care

A look at how IoT devices are being deployed to improve patient care, and how the pandemic changed the technology’s status in the healthcare landscape.

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