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While AI used to be the province of futurists and technologists, it has now evolved into a fundamental part of the tech landscape with hundreds of business applications. At AI Business we aim to provide the global community with the insights and intel that will keep them, and you, on the cutting-edge of trends and new technologies.  

Quantum Computing Editorial Experts

Chuck Martin, Editorial Director

Chuck Martin, Editorial Director

Chuck Martin has been a leading voice in digital technologies for more than two decades. He currently spearheads the editorial team for the Applied Intelligence Group, covering AI Business, IoT World Today and Enter Quantum.

Chuck is a former Vice President of IBM, where he ran a $1 billion global division responsible for business strategy solutions in the media industry, including publishers and advertising agencies.

berenice baker enter quantum editor

Berenice Baker, 

Berenice is the editor of Enter Quantum, the companion website and exclusive content outlet for The Quantum Computing Summit.

Enter Quantum informs quantum computing decision-makers and solutions creators with timely information, business applications, and best practice to enable them to adopt the most effective quantum computing solution for their businesses. Berenice has a background in IT and 16 years of experience as a technology journalist.

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