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Quantum Computing Research Reports

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Our team of global analysts and consultants help businesses connect the dots across a complex and fast paced technology ecosystem. With a deep knowledge and expertise of all aspects of artificial intelligence, the team support our partners in understanding all aspects of the business cycle.

Market Intelligence Reports

A State of Flux

Navigating the Marketing Technology Landscape: A Deep Dive into Salary Trends for Marketing Technology Professionals.
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Top 10 Digital  Transformational Trends 

Explore analyst and expert insights into the top tech trends impacting businesses in 2024. Download the full report now.

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Quantum Computing - A CRCPress Freebook

Bringing together chapters of recent key titles, this book introduces some of the applications of the ideas of quantum mechanics developed over the past 20 years or so.

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Market Intelligence Reports

Better & Faster Together

Quantum computing and its enablement of AI will occur rapidly; early adopters need to move now.

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Quantum Computing for  Pharmaceutical Industry

Quantum computers could hold the key to finding new ways of assembling molecules to create novel medications.

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Government Policy and Quantum Innovation

Explore the three pillars of quantum information systems technology -- quantum computing, quantum sensing and quantum communications. 

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Tracking the Latest Hardware Trends

This eBook provides forecasts and all the latest developments in the IoT, AI, and Quantum Computing hardware markets.

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Delivering New Efficiencies in Quantum

Classical computers struggle to process the complex, interconnected variables that determine optimum delivery routing. Quantum computers are set to change that.

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