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applied intelligence Live

  • Tech's Best: Celebrating Black History Month's Visionary Leaders

    31 Jan 2024 Informa Tech, in partnership with Evelyn Aning-Nkrumah, Head of Inclusion & Diversity
    As we embark on Black History Month, it's a time to reflect and celebrate the profound contributions of individuals across various fields.
  • What does the digital landscape look like in 2024 and beyond?

    03 Jan 2024 Informa Tech's Applied Intelligence Group
    Discover the transformative tech trends the experts at Informa Teach are predicting for the year ahead…
  • Future-Ready Teams: Crafting a Blueprint for AI Talent Recruitment and Retention

    28 Nov 2023 Noah Ringler, Lead Data Scientist, AI Policy Specialist, Department of Homeland Security
    In the ever-evolving landscape of digital transformation, organizational success lies in the strength and adaptability of its AI talent.
  • Driving forces behind the evolving AI landscape and strategies for success

    17 Nov 2023 Zachary Simon, Senior Autonomy/Artificial Intelligence Senior AI Research Engineer, Lockheed Martin
    Exploring the AI landscape and the impact of closing shared data on monetization opportunities
  • The impact and role of AI on the working landscape

    06 Nov 2023 Mariano Allegra, Senior Vice President – Head of Strategy LH USA, Lawrence Harvey
    The impact of artificial intelligence (AI) on work and jobs is a topic of ongoing debate and research.