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Supporting Our Community

supporting the community

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Our Pillars of Sustainability

The intersections of technology and sustainability are key focus areas for businesses around the world and Forbes’ biggest business trends for 2022-2025. According to WEF, around 84% of AI & IoT deployments are addressing or have the potential to address UN Sustainability Goals. ESG (Environmental, Social and Governmental Policies) are no longer a nice to have but a need, as investors, employees, and customers are requiring companies to improve their practices and be transparent and accountable about their business decisions including DEI, CSR & green practices.

The industries within Informa Tech's Applied Intelligence Group are integral as they possess the power to help deliver ESG policies into businesses. Collectively we have and opportunity to make the world a better place, so let's join together and use digital transformation to support a movement for positive change.


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Caring for the Environment

We are focused on engaging our venue partners with our objectives to be as energy efficient as possible. This means ensuring electricity is used efficiently, as well as using sustainable, recycled, or reused materials for everything from event printing to the carpet and stands.

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Diversity and Inclusion

We truly believe that diversity makes innovation flourish. We want our events to celebrate openness, create a welcoming and friendly community, and champion the technologies that work for everyone.  This is done through supporting the initiatives of our partners and their work in schools, CV workshops, and meet-ups; to address how corporate culture and the technologies themselves are diverse, kind, and mindful.


Supporting the Local Community

We believe that supporting the local community is a priority to be an ethical and considerate business. Our portfolio seeks to enhance well-being, equality, accessibility, and respect for all. Supporting local charities through many initiatives and proactively choosing local suppliers will offer community support and benefit those who might otherwise be negatively affected.


Meaningful Partnerships and Content

Our global event series has an impact on the way enterprises choose to adopt AI and the future use of those technologies is integral to everyone’s development. It is about leading the conversation on how industries can deploy AI in its full potential for social good and to help the world address its biggest challenges.

Giving Back to the Tech Community

With the world getting back on its feet after a tumultuous few years, it’s so important that we continue to come together as a community that offers support, guidance, and care to those we are connected with through business and society.

The tech industry hasn’t been immune to the knock-on effects of the changes we have all experienced, and one of the areas that has felt the impact is the global workforce.  As a leading intelligence and information provider that spans the transformative tech landscape, our commitment to those who need support is front and center in everything we do.

Find out about our global initiatives at Informa Tech that you can be involved in to showcase your support: FIND OUT MORE



A new era of transformative technology

On June 14 2023 during The AI Summit London, the EU AI Act, the world’s first piece of dedicated AI legislation was formally approved, with the act expected to pass a final draft by the end of the year.

The act enables newly developed technology such as ChatGPT to be submitted for review before being released for commercial use. This will enable businesses to put systems in place ahead of time to ensure AI applications are being used in an ethical and responsible way.

Informa Tech’s Applied Intelligence Group, in partnership with Omdia and AI Business, has developed a report with a focus on this.





Advancing Gender Equality in Tech

As the tech industry becomes more diverse, we're paving the way for female entrepreneurs and leaders to be seen and represented. Companies are creating more resources to help grow diversity in gender opportunities, however, the gender gap is still an issue.

We recently partnered with the Women in AI organization to explore this important topic further, and as a result launched 'Advancing Gender Equality in Data, Analytics and AI' at the AI Summit London 2023.

Explore the insights and pragmatic action you can take to support closing the gender gap.



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Our VIP Community

VisionAIres is a community of industry leaders who come together to exchange ideas, ask questions and look to level up expertise in transformative tech. Our platform enables members to:

  • Make real connections with business and technical leaders
  • Access exclusive insights into what's working and what's next in transformative tech
  • Get ahead of the latest technology trends
  • Ensure you have year-round support as you build the infrastructure to execute your projects