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  • Disruption in the AI space as adoption rates accelerate in 2023

    28 Mar 2023 Mark Beccue, Principal Analyst, AI & NLP, Omdia
    What is the current state of AI adoption in the enterprise market? Mark Beccue, Principal Analyst for AI and NLP at Omdia, discusses with Editorial Director at AI Business Chuck Martin.
  • KPIs to successfully measure AI

    22 Feb 2023 Brad Shimmin, Chief AI Analyst, Omdia
    We explore KPIs and ways to measure AI successfully within the business with's Senior Product Manager
  • A look at MLOps with Best Practices for Operational Excellence

    21 Feb 2023 Brad Shimmin, Chief Analyst, AI & Data Analytics, Omdia
    Chief AI Anlayst Brad Shimmin explores the world of MLOPs with AI Summit London speaker Kamal Jain
  • The impact of technology in our daily lives grows every day. Truly transformative technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things have already changed how we communicate, the w ...
  • 'Applied Intelligence' provides a lens through which stakeholders can enhance both their data collection as well as their ability to process and understand this enhanced data and its implications