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Discover what’s happening right now in the applied intelligence space - from AI to Data Science, IoT to Quantum Computing - written and curated by our global analysts, editors and experts.

  • The dynamics of VC for AI – get the scoop on our latest report

    24 Apr 2023 Alex Harrowell, Principal Analyst, Omdia
    Alex Harrowell, Principal Analyst at Omdia provides insights into where the technology is headed, what is likely to happen with these companies in the next couple of years in our latest blog.
  • As the technology continues to mature, potential use cases have increased while implementation costs have decreased, moving AI and IoT well beyond early adopter status and into the mainstream.
  • Disruption in the AI space as adoption rates accelerate in 2023

    28 Mar 2023 Mark Beccue, Principal Analyst, AI & NLP, Omdia
    What is the current state of AI adoption in the enterprise market? Mark Beccue, Principal Analyst for AI and NLP at Omdia, discusses with Editorial Director at AI Business Chuck Martin.



Get the expert insights on transformative tech for 2023

We explore what trends will impact digital transformation in 2023 and beyond

Access the insights behind transformative tech and what will be shaping the digital landscape in the coming weeks and months. 

We have worked with our expert team of analysts at Omdia and AI Business to showcase the trends that look set to be high on the agenda this year. Discover predictions from the minds of industry leaders as you look to build and accelerate your tech roadmap in 2023.


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