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Customised research on AI/IoT at the Edge, beyond the Omdia syndicated research portfolio

With a team of 400+ Omdia analysts across 200 markets and over 14 Million datapoints, there’s a lot that our syndicated research portfolio already offers.  However, we recognise that our clients are always pushing to understand new markets, tailored to their own unique products, proposition and strategy.  That’s why we offer custom research capabilities to go beyond our reports and trackers, into the world of bespoke research offerings – in this case, looking to the future of edge technology for AI and IoT, including the impact for storage requirements.

The Challenge

Our Omdia team of 14 analysts covers the markets for AI and IoT technology through a series of syndicated research reports and intelligence services, including the hardware and semiconductor view, such as IoT device types and the trends for AI accelerators.  However, any given client’s strategic requirements could need a more bespoke, customized approach to carve out the specific TAM, SAM and SOM within the industry.  In one case, an Asian-based memory/storage manufacturer wanted to drive beyond the top-level view, to understand the specific market opportunities for memory on edge devices, driven by the ever-expanding digitalisation trend of IoT and AI. 

The Solution

Leveraging existing Omdia reports from both the AI, IoT and adjacent technology teams (such as Enterprise IT), Omdia analysts and consultants quickly formed a TAM model for the region, helping identify key high-growth opportunities.  This included medium and long-term forecasts for IoT device shipments, including automotive, industrial, communications, computing, consumer and medical categories.​

In particular, this also included analysis at the chip level around current and future market trends for cloud AI processers and edge AI processers, covering unit shipment models, application trends and market ecosystem.​

Additional research and interviews then formed the second stage of the process, with a deeper dive into the specific applications of industrial computers, machine vision systems, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and industrial robots.​

The project was delivered through an Excel TAM model and an accompanying PDF file with in-depth market analysis, market assumptions and definitions.​

Omdia also conducted a series of Q&A delivery calls with the client once work was completed, allowing the client’s team to ask questions and better understand/gain the insights within the model and forecast.

Value Delivered

Strategic market insight, defined to the clients needs, taxonomy and specific industry focus.​

This will allow the client to better identify the key applications driving their growth opportunities, as well as understand the competitive market situation for both collaboration and competition as they seek to grow their market share.

Research Process and Stages


Prior to the work proposal, Omdia analysts and consultants will work with our clients to scope the requirement – helping to craft a piece of work that matches the right requirements, balancing granularity and insight with the right budget and timeline for delivery.


Omdia analysts and consultants then work collaboratively to research new markets and technologies – building from the existing expertise, but with additional primary and secondary research as needed – all to build our TAM/SAM data as scoped.  In many larger projects, this means building initial phased delivery of top-line data, before following up with a second phase of granular detail.


We recognize that while our clients need to be able to dive into the Excel data and accompanying analysis themselves, it’s the ability to connect directly to the analyst and ask questions that really help bring the story to life.  Following the delivery of the project files, Omdia delivered a final presentation and Q&A session for the client to invite their teams to engage with our experts, understand the data, and maximize the value from their investment.


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Why choose Omdia as your partner?

 Omdia is an ideal partner choice for this work as:

  • A long heritage of research and analysis in IoT, led by undisputed thought-leaders in the area, and supported by the wider Omdia expert teams across vertical and component markets.
  • A wealth of supporting research in this area which we will incorporate as appropriate to this assignment.
  • Our access to the engaged digital audience through IoT World Today for message activation
  • A proven track record with IoT technology vendors through a range of syndicated research services and bespoke custom projects.