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Case Study

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Omdia-backed content on Medical IoT with IoT World Today audience reach

In a competitive marketplace, how do clients stand out in being the digitalization partner of choice?  The answer is by leveraging industry expert analysts to create engaging and research-backed content, to help position your brand as a thought leader to our digital audiences.  In this case, it’s about picking out the right storylines in an expanding digital healthcare market, driven by public and private investment amidst social changes (such as ageing populations) – where the power of IoT can bring benefits to all.

The Challenge

Like many companies in the IoT space, our clients can often find it hard to generate new, insightful and meaningful content to capture the market’s attention, drive traffic, and ultimately generate leads. 

After leveraging our Omdia IoT analyst community to support client-sponsored IoT World Today webinars around topics such as Smart Buildings, Smart Home and Smart Manufacturing, our client was then looking to take their message to the next level within the Medical IoT market.  In particular, how could the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) be shown as the core technology behind the digital healthcare trend, building market education around the challenges, and positioning our client as a trusted partner in building the solutions of the future.

The Solution

Emerging markets like AI & IoT rely on in-depth eBooks and white papers to drive informed decisions on how to implement new tech solutions into their businesses, by educating and persuading client prospects without selling.​

Working collaboratively with the client, our Omdia analysts crafted a whitepaper titled “The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) at the Heart of Digital Healthcare” using research-backed insights from the Omdia IoT Intelligence Services, such as Total Addressable Market forecasts and end-user survey insight on IoT adoption.  This also included a client case study around cardiac monitoring solutions, helping show their credentials as a leading player in the market.  Most importantly, the whitepaper concluded with recommendations for the industry – keeping the right balance around market education, to create a content asset that would resonate with the target audience.​

IoT World Today connects IoT decision-makers and implementers, including those in the c-suite, IT and line-of-business managers. We inspire them by providing the latest news and analysis, and case studies about technologies used in IoT.  Following completion of the whitepaper, the message was amplified through the IoT World Today audience reach to create direct lead generation.  For example, this included marketing of the content to the 80,000+ newsletter subscribers, to help our client connect to prospects who are actively looking for education on a key topic, or solution to their challenge.

Value Delivered

Creation of an analyst expert-backed content asset with lasting shelf life, for use by the client throughout their upcoming marketing programmes.​

Filtered lead generation based on the client’s requirement, generated through marketing of the whitepaper content through to the engaged IoT World Today audience.

Research Process and Stages


From the first scoping call, Omdia sets out a collaborative approach to creating the right market messaging – backed by the research reports and insights and independently written – but that aligns with the client’s key takeaways and helps to best showcase their real-world case studies, to drive real impact with the target market personas.


Following agreement on the outline, Omdia analysts work on the creation of high-quality, expert-written industry analysis – backed by Omdia report and survey data.  Check-in points and reviews at text draft and final design stages help to ensure our client is happy with the tone, messaging and appeal of the final document before being published.


Once finalised, the content is published and advertised through our digital audience at the IoT World Today site to drive direct lead generation against the client’s targeted audience filters.

Client Feedback

  • We've worked with Omdia and IoT World Today for over two years now and we're very happy with the relationship we've built. With Omdia, we've found a partner that can provide valuable third-party analysis and market data and do the heavy lifting of building highly educational and technical content with a long shelf-life, like whitepapers or webinars. With IoT World Today, we've been able to easily promote this content to their audience to drive both brand awareness and generate very high-quality leads. Their teams are top caliber and we look forward to continuing our work together.​
    Digital Marketing Manager, Silicon Labs​

Why choose Omdia as your partner?

 Omdia is an ideal partner choice for this work as:

  • A long heritage of research and analysis in IoT, led by undisputed thought-leaders in the area, and supported by the wider Omdia expert teams across vertical and component markets.
  • A wealth of supporting research in this area which we will incorporate as appropriate to this assignment.
  • Our access to the engaged digital audience through IoT World Today for message activation
  • A proven track record with IoT technology vendors through a range of syndicated research services and bespoke custom projects.