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IoT World Today is a leading publication at Informa Tech. Providing expert insight, news and analysis on the Internet of Things, our global media portal focuses on real-life use cases across IoT technologies to share with you the latest updates and developments in the transformative tech landscape.

IoT Articles

The History and Future of Women in Technology

The narrative of women in technology is one of resilience, innovation, and the pursuit of excellence.

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A State of Flux

Our 2024 Salary Survey takes a deep dive into the market state of flux and how marketing professionals see their industry amidst big changes.

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Transformational Trends

What does the digital landscape look like in 2024 and beyond? We explore the trends making an impact - including the latest developments in GenAI.

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Smart Tech meets Human Innovation

Applied Intelligence Live! is the cross-section of the transformative tech ecosystem - exploring ways in which smart tech intersects with innovation.

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The Future of the Digital Landscape

Explore the top tech trends in IoT as discussed by the experts.

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Future of Sustainable Smart Cities

A deep dive into sustainable smart cities and the impact on the future of living.

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Incorporating IoT to Promote Sustainability

Human activity has and will continue to impact climate change, furthering environmental degradation. Find out more.

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