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Meet the Quantum Experts

Meet the Quantum Experts

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Quantum Computing is paving the way for the next phase of digital transformation. From machine learning to complex optimization problems and sophisticated simulations, Quantum Computing is taking the tech landscape to the next level. At Enter Quantum our experts connect decision makers with solution providers, informing on business applications and best practices, whilst our analysts at Omdia provide insight into the technology and market trends, as well as advice on strategic recommendations to optimize commercial opportunities.


Sam Lucero, Chief Analyst, Quantum Computing

Key areas of expertise include: IoT & Technology, Quantum Computing

Sam graduated from the University of California at San Diego and spent three years working in Japan before returning to the US to earn an MBA (Hons.). His industry analyst career began in 2001 at In-Stat, covering the semiconductor and networking equipment markets.

Sam Lucero now leads Omdia’s quantum computing research program. Omdia has produced standalone quantum computing research content since 2018. Sam consolidates and extends this work into a full subscription research program, alongside Omdia’s quantum computing B2B media and events businesses.

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Berenice Baker, Editor, Enter Quantum

Key areas of expertise include: Quantum Computing

Berenice is the editor of Enter Quantum, the companion website and exclusive content outlet for The Quantum Computing Summit.

Enter Quantum informs quantum computing decision-makers and solutions creators with timely information, business applications, and best practice to enable them to adopt the most effective quantum computing solution for their businesses. Berenice has a background in IT and 16 years of experience as a technology journalist.

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