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Case Study

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Strategic insight into the AI Data Scientist community

As enterprises continue to move to the operationalization of AI, more people are now identifying as Data Scientists than ever before.  However, data science is only one aspect of a broader endeavor, namely the creation, and understanding of insight using data — and there are many personas and user roles that combine to form a data science practice: including data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engineer, business analysts, data storytellers and beyond.  The practice of data science and data analytics is converging too — all of which brings new stakeholders and different requirements to the hardware, software, and services offered to the AI practitioner community.

The Challenge

In this fast-moving and critical industry, technology vendors are increasingly looking to understand how best to serve the market.

For example, what does the day-to-day life of each persona look like (and how does that compare to the preconception)? What are the key decision-making factors, purchasing drivers or pain points? And how can this information support the vendor in taking their next step forwards?

This was a key challenge faced by one of our clients.

The Solution

Our solution was an Omdia end-user survey, that offered insight directly at persona level for the emerging Data Scientist community and related roles.

Our analysts worked with the client to develop the survey, then collected responses and delivered the results in an easy-to-use format, with the value of added insights. One of the key goals for this project was to match the personas to their respective job titles — especially as the community grows and titles become less meaningful for defining specific roles.

Value Delivered

Omdia combined the survey data with expert analyst knowledge, to deliver actionable insights for our client. This enhanced key aspects of their go-to-market proposition.

Through a combination of the end-user survey, plus Omdia analyst collaboration, we created a Total Addressable Market and persona guide to the future workstations market aimed at the Data Scientist community. These documents were designed for immediate use by the client’s regional sales teams — allowing them to see their target market and potential growth, alongside insights into the personas’ immediate needs plus needs for their future workstations.​

Research Process and Stages


Expert analysis and insight from the Omdia team were designed to help better craft the marketing messages that resonated with target personas. This report formed part of the internal guidance document for the client’s future content creation.


Through a combination of the end-user survey, plus Omdia analyst collaboration, we created a Total Addressable  Market and persona guide to the future workstation market aimed at the Data Scientist community. These documents were designed for immediate use by the client’s regional sales teams — allowing them to see their target market and potential growth, alongside insights into the personas’ immediate needs plus needs for their future workstations.


Following the conclusion of the survey, Omdia worked directly with the client to pick out the most exciting highlights to create thought leadership assets. By including customer case studies, our client highlighted their solutions directly alongside Omdia analyst-written expert analysis and brand-new survey content. In addition, the client further leveraged the survey content for lead generation, targeting a wider audience through our sister brands: AI Business and The AI Summit Series

Client Feedback

  • The Data Science market ended up being more niche than expected, and we weren’t able to go the traditional route our company was used to for market research. After talking with several other vendors, the team at Omdia gave us the most confidence in being able to do a custom study in building out our understanding of a very specific segment of the market. ​
  • The Omdia team was very collaborative throughout the process, and allowed us to calibrate objectives as we learned more. This was critical to our success, and getting what we needed to out of the project.
  • The final result gave us a clear picture of the market opportunity, as well as the customer segmentation. Having confidence in what was presented, as well as a clear picture of what and where the opportunity is not only helped to secure our funding – but continues to guide our strategy as we do long term planning.

Why choose Omdia as your partner?

 Omdia is an ideal partner choice for this work as:

  • A long heritage of research and analysis in IoT, led by undisputed thought-leaders in the area, and supported by the wider Omdia expert teams across vertical and component markets.
  • A wealth of supporting research in this area which we will incorporate as appropriate to this assignment.
  • Our access to the engaged digital audience through IoT World Today for message activation
  • A proven track record with IoT technology vendors through a range of syndicated research services and bespoke custom projects.