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Technology is shaping business and society at a faster pace than ever before. The need for accurate information and meaningful connections is paramount.

We operate across the AI, IoT, Quantum Computing, and Data Science space, offering a portfolio of research, events, news sites, marketing services and more. 


Our research and consulting services help clients identify opportunities and assess constraints through expert market forecasts and unrivalled proprietary data.



Explore our news and information sites, and engage with your target audience year-round through high-impact advertising and sponsorship opportunities.


Connect with your target prospects and customer landscapes both physically and digitally through any of our summits, conferences and expos.


Enhance knowledge and drive performance through training opportunities from one of our 50+ specialist technology and business trainers.

The Internet of Things

IoT technologies have transformed the way the world thinks and conducts business from processes to customer relationships. Integrated with new big data tools and applications, the opportunities are significant. We provide clients with the tools to succeed, helping them understand and navigate the complex landscape and shifting market.

RESEARCH: IoT at Omdia

We provide cutting-edge research on digital transformation trends, the latest analysis and opinions from experts and thought leaders, current research, and insight into available products within IoT technologies and verticals with our IoT Service.

Omdia IoT | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

MEDIA: IoT World Today

IoT World Today is the companion website and exclusive content outlet for the IoT World Conference & Expo series. We aim to inspire by providing the latest news, analysis, and case studies about technologies used in the IoT space. We capture the stories of IoT leaders imbuing intelligence across vertical industries such as industrial, transportation, logistics, smart energy and utilities, smart cities, and more.

IoT World Today | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

EVENTS: Applied Intelligence Live!

Applied Intelligence Live! (previously The IoT World Conference & Expo, AI Summit and co-located Quantum Computing Summit) is a yearly event that provides the chance to reconnect and network with your industry peers and engage in strategic conversations on how to prepare for a technology-powered future. The event showcases organizations leading the way in IoT adoption and helps inspire and propel attendees into a new world of business quickly, with more accurate data, ensuring new technology adoption. 

Applied Intelligence Live | Linkedin | Twitter | Facebook | Instagram

Artificial Intelligence

The future of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is now. With revenues estimated to hit the $100 billion mark globally by 2025, it’s imperative that organizations can navigate the complex landscape of rapid technology advances and applications. We help clients scope, deploy and scale AI to realize business value and benefits.


We bring you an unparalleled, holistic view into the world of artificial intelligence. Discover the impact of AI across industries and applications from processors and software to practical deployments. Assess your readiness and know your markets, discover the latest trends, gain access to research, and learn about new products changing the industry.

Omdia AI | LinkedIn | Facebook | Twitter

MEDIA: AI Business

While AI used to be the province of futurists and technologists, it has now evolved into a fundamental part of the tech landscape with hundreds of business applications. At AI Business we aim to provide the global community with the insights and intel that will keep them, and you, on the cutting-edge of trends and new technologies.  

AI Business | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

EVENTS: AI Summit Series

Launched in 2015, the AI Summit was the first-ever global conference and exhibition to explore what AI practically means for enterprises. Since then we’ve grown to sold-out conferences and exhibits annually, a global media site, and a members-only collaborative forum. We partner with innovators and industry giants like IBM, Microsoft, Google, and more. Make sure you join us at the next edition in New York, December 6-7, where you can strengthen your AI strategy in the heartland of applied AI.

AI Summit LondonApplied Intelligence Live | AI Summit New York | LinkedIn 


Looking to get the skills necessary for successful AI implementation in enterprise? The AI in Practice Training Programme, developed by our leading media brand AI Business, The AI Summit London event and approved by the UK Government’s Office for Artificial Intelligence, is perfect for business professionals looking to take their AI skills and knowledge to the next level.

Taking place at 240 Blackfriars Rd, London, from 7-9 February 2024, we have developed a series of sessions that take place across all three days to get involved in:

  • AI in Practice: Industry Specific Implementation [virtual sessions available across all course days]
  • Foundations, Leadership, Use Case Development & Ethics
  • AI Assessment, Implementation, Risk Management & Ethical Procurement

Now is the time to secure your place and take your learning to the next level.


TRAINING: AI Business Academy

AI Business Academy is the leading education portal for artificial intelligence and its real-world applications. Access specialized courses that will help you optimize your business. Utilizing cutting-edge insights and expert trainers, we help individuals and organizations to build practical business and technology competencies.

AI Business Academy | LinkedIn

Quantum Computing

Over the past decade, quantum computing has continued to rapidly change the way business and technology integrate the world over. It’s transforming machine learning, solving complex optimization problems and making sophisticated simulations possible. And its disruptive potential is becoming a reality at an unprecedented rate. Revenue from quantum computing will grow at a CAGR of 32% from 2019 to 2030, reaching £2.54 billion ($3.5 billion) in 2030. It is time to demystify the business opportunity and prepare for technology with the ability to revolutionise your industry.

RESEARCH: Quantum Computing at Omdia

As part of Omdia’s ongoing efforts to provide research and insights into cutting-edge technology, we offer a fully-fledged research program dedicated to the quantum computing market. Get exclusive analysis of technology and market trends in the global quantum computing industry, advice on strategic recommendations to optimize commercial opportunities, and enhance your marketing and business development efforts by leveraging Informa Tech’s global media and events platforms.

Omdia Quantum Computing Intelligence Service

MEDIA: Enter Quantum

As the companion website and exclusive content provider for The Quantum Computing Summit, Enter Quantum connects quantum computing decision-makers and solutions creators to what’s next in the world of quantum computing. Our work provides useful information, practical business applications, and best practice to enable them to adopt the most effective quantum computing solutions for their businesses. From infrastructure and the latest research to exciting new partnerships in the quantum space, Enter Quantum features interviews and insights from subject matter experts and top-tier researchers.

Enter Quantum News | LinkedIn | Twitter | Facebook | YouTube

EVENTS: Quantum Computing Summit

Explore quantum computing's transformational business potential at our Quantum Computing Summits which take place annually in London and Austin, Texas. Educate yourself by attending panels from industry titans like Sony and Fujitsu, uncover the latest developments and technology from the pioneers shaping next-generation computer interfaces, learn about potential new revenue, discover ways to optimize workflows, and participate in exciting network opportunities.

Quantum Computing Summit London | Applied Intelligence Live | LinkedIn


Shape the Transformative Tech Landscape in 2023

Explore what you can be part of at Informa Tech

Take a look at how you can be part of the transformative tech landscape in 2023 and beyond.

We have collated our top 10 moments from 2022 that took place across the Applied Intelligence portfolio. From our trailblazers at IoT World Austin, to President Zelensky joining us at The AI Summit in London via 3D hologram, there was so much to see, do and be part of. 

Now you can get involved in shaping the digital narrative.

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Client Testimonials

  • Fantastic conference to meet the great people who are at the forefront of technological change. Great to meet clients and new people from various background
    Tom Allen
    Founder, The AI Journal
  • IoT World is far and away the best place to connect with the people, companies, and content that drive connected intelligence.
    Rob Tiffany
    Rob Tiffany
  • Veritable source of info on AI and IoT.
    Narasimhan Kasthuri
    Co Founder / VP, ServiceEra
  • An excellent event to keep up with emerging technology, and industry trends and learn about used cases from various sectors.
    Yatin Patel
    IT Sr. Manager, PepsiCo Inc
  • The world's foremost AI events in New York and London.
    Katalin Feher
    Fulbright Research Scholar & Senior Research Fellow, Drexel University & Budapest Business School