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applied intelligence Live

Discover what’s happening right now in the applied intelligence space - from AI to Data Science, IoT to Quantum Computing - written and curated by our global analysts, editors and experts.

  • AI growth is exploding at the same time as environmental considerations are becoming increasingly important. We explore ramifications of AI expansion and it's role in combatting climate change.
  • Applied Intelligence Live! Austin: Where Smart Tech meets Human Innovation

    03 Oct 2023 In partnership with AI Business, Omdia and Enter Quantum
    Exploring converging technologies that are shaping the future of digital transformation at Applied Intelligence Live! Austin.
  • Women in AI: Shaping the Future of Gender Equality in the Workplace

    18 Sep 2023 Informa Tech, in partnership with Omdia and AI Business
    Explore the transformative role of AI in advancing gender equality - from tackling biases to fostering diverse workplaces, AI is paving the way for change.



Top 10 Transformative Trends 2024

Brand new expert insights for 2024 unveiled!

The experts at Omdia and AI Business join forces once again to share their predictions on the trends and topics that will be shaping the digital landscape in 2024 and beyond.

Generative AI is still high on the agenda, with other trends such as flying vehicles, sustainability and quantum computing as other topics that are keeping our experts talking.  Download the report to find out more.


2023 Trends Applied Intelligence