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Discover what’s happening right now in the applied intelligence space - from AI to Data Science, IoT to Quantum Computing - written and curated by our global analysts, editors and experts.

  • Accelerating the Progress of Gender Equity in Data, Analytics, and AI

    18 Sep 2023 Informa Tech, in partnership with Omdia and AI Business
    Explore the insights behind advancing gender equality in data, analytics and AI in the latest report from Omdia and AI Business
  • Creating a Robust Digital Identity Foundation for Responsible AI

    04 Sep 2023 Interview with Aditya Khurjekar CEO & Founder, Medici Global, and AI-enabled markets, Prove
    With the rise of new technological trends, AI is moving into the mainstream at a faster pace than ever before.
  • Ethical considerations in the design, development and deployment of AI

    17 Aug 2023 Alley Lyles-Jenkins, Principal Consultant, Product Strategy & Experience Design - Slalom Consulting
    Exploring the potential impact of ethical debt, and the considerations and challenges around AI design and implementation.



Get the expert insights on transformative tech for 2023

We have revisited the trends impacted digital transformation to find out what’s new

The experts at Omdia and AI Business look back at the trends discussed in Q1 2023, to see what shifts we have seen in the digital landscape so far this year.

Generative AI has been the hottest topic so far, but we continue to see developments in other areas of technological innovation. Download the report to find out more.


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